We insure hundreds of business types!

Professional services, Truckers, consultants, couriers, retail, janitorial, food truck vendors/delivery, farming and livestock, religious/non-profit organizations, wholesale distributors, taxis, and more!
As a small business owner, you rely on your vehicles every day to service your customers. Choose a Progressive Business Auto policy to protect yourself and all you’ve built. • Primary liability limits up to $2 million—much higher than what’s available from a personal auto policy—to protect your business • Coverages to protect you in virtually any vehicle you buy, rent, lease or borrow for your business … coverage for employees using personal vehicles for business-related incidentals … and coverage for business vehicles borrowed or rented for personal use • Policies that can include up to 20 vehicles and all your employees … with unlimited jobsite trips • Rental Reimbursement to help keep you on the road if your vehicle is down due to a covered incident • Roadside Assistance is available, too